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1990’s Article Index

December  5th  Time of Preparing
12th  Time of Testing
19th  Time of Rejoicing
26th  Time of Worshiping
November  7th  Maintaining Continuity
14th  Going Forward in Faith
21st  Overcoming Obstacles
28th  Making the Right Choice
October  3rd  Follow Day by Day
10th  A Missed Opportunity
17th  In the Wilderness
24th  Teach Your Children Well
31st  Don’t Lose Perspective
September  5th  Called to Involvement
12th  Called to Deliverance
19th  Called to Covenant
26th  Called to Obedience
August  1st  Running from Difficulty
8th  Facing Fear and Danger
15th  Family Difficulties
22nd  Opportunities to Serve
29th  Restoring Relationships
July  4th  Adventure in Faith
11th  Surprising Promises
18th  Giving All
25th  Deceit and Blessing
June  6th  Accepting God’s Provisions
13th  Beginnings
20th  Shattered Relationships
27th  From Disaster to Hope
May  2nd  Finding Life in Death
9th  Living As Servants
16th  Fruitful Christians
23rd  Help in Time of Need
30th  Interceding in Prayer
April  4th  From Death to Life
11th  Believing without Seeing
18th  Bread that Lasts Forever
25th  How to Know the Truth
March  7th  Believe and Live
14th  Bearing Witness
21st  Seeking Answers for Life’s Questions
28th  Choose Life
February  7th  Showing Honor, Living Honorably
14th  Sharing Community
21st  Reconciling the World
28th  Confident Hope
January  3rd  Love One Another
10th  First Things First
17th  Greatness in Service
24th  Forgiving Each Other
31st  Good News for Everyone
December  6th  Who is Jesus to You?
13th  Reporting the Good News
20th  Beyond Christmas Wrap
27th  Promise of Power
November  1st  Courage to Speak for God
8th  The Songs We Sing
15th  False Hopes
22nd  Envisioning a Future
29th  Renewal and Worship
October  4th  Disobedience, Despair, Deliverance
11th  Demanding One’s Own Way
18th  Anything to Keep Power
25th  Healing in Unexpected Ways
September  6th  Humanity’s Basic Problem
13th  Freedom Is a Gift
20th  What Is the Law?
27th  Building a Heritage
August  2nd  Choose Life
9th  Be Industrious
16th  Be Careful What You Say
23rd  Be Slow to Anger
30th  Respect One Another
July  5th  Choose Wisdom
12th  Rely on God
19th  Be a Good Neighbor
26th  Live with Integrity
June  7th  What is the Point?
14th  Why Serve God?
21st  Who is to Blame?
28th  Who Do You Think You Are?
May  3rd  Open to Truth
10th  Barriers to Truth
17th  Struggling with Marriage and Divorce
24th  What Is True Greatness?
31st  Faith for Uncertain Times
April  5th  Redefining Leadership
12th  The Mystery of Death and Resurrection
19th  The Cost of Irresponsibility
26th  Sadness in the Midst of Celebration
March  1st  Good News for Today
8th  Compassion in Action
15th  Authorized to Help
22nd  Hope in the Face of Death
29th  The Cost of Convictions
February  1st  Keeping Your Balance
8th  Reject False Teachings
15th  Preparing for the Future
22nd  Keeping the Faith
January  4th  Living in Hope
11th  Being God’s People
18th  Suffering for Doing Right
25th  Living in Humility
December  7th  Living in God’s Light
14th  Living in God’s Love
21st  Celebrating God’s Love
28th  Living Victoriously
November  2nd  A Joyful Celebration
9th  Hard Choices
16th  Making a Difference
23rd  Facing Hostility
30th  Reward of the Faithful
October  5th  Refusing to Compromise
12th  Victorious Faith
19th  Weighed and Found Wanting
26th  Is Prayer Worthwhile?
September  7th  Where is God?
14th  An Amazing Offer
21st  Rebuilding for the Future
28th  Empowered by the Spirit
August  3rd  Grow in Faithfulness
10th  Enduring Hard Times
17th  Remember the Past
24th  Renew Your Commitment
31st  Live Responsibly
July  6th  God Does a New Thing
13th  Jesus, Pioneer of Salvation
20th  Jesus, the Great High Priest
27th  Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice
June  1st  Practice What You Preach
8th  Pursue Godliness
15th  The Cost of Commitment
22nd  Keep the Faith
29th  Be Good to One Another
May  4th  Who is Worthy
11th  Provision for the Redeemed
18th  The Victorious Christ
25th  A New Heaven and Earth
April  6th  Available for Service
13th  Called to be Faithful
20th  Hold to Sound Teaching
27th  Good News / Bad News
March  2nd  Tell the Good News!
9th  Live in Love and Holiness
16th  Pray for One Another
23rd  Do What is Right!
30th  We Have Hope!
February  2nd  Be a Committed Encourager
9th  Be a Faithful Witness
16th  Be a Supportive Companion
23rd  Be a Faithful Worker
January  5th  Witness About Christ
12th  Choose Right Priorities
19th  Confess Christ
26th  Be True to Christ
December  1st  Experience God’s Joy
8th  Surrender to God’s Will
15th  Receive God’s Message
22nd  Respond to God’s Son
29th  Believe God’s Promises
November  3rd  Facing Defeat
10th  Experiencing the Unbelievable
17th  Longing for Restoration
24th  Finding Hope Beyond Despair
October  6th  Searching for Justice and Truth
13th  Rejecting False Promises
20th  Listening and Obeying
27th  Accepting Personal Responsibility
September  1st  Steadfast Faith
8th  Beginning Again
15th  Responding to God’s Call
22nd  Confronting Hypocrisy
29th  Continuing to Trust
August  4th  Trust in God
11th  Valuing God’s Word
18th  Seeking Forgiveness
25th  Worship and Witness
July  7th  Celebrating the Gift of Life
14th  Remember Promises and Commitments
21st  When Trouble Comes
28th  Never Alone
June  2nd  The Challenge of Hard Times
9th  Love Impartially
16th  Living Faithfully
23rd  Letting Wisdom Guide
30th  Doing Right
May  5th  Finding True Happiness
12th  Loving the ‘Unlovable’
19th  Trusting God for Daily Needs
26th  Lord, Teach Us to Pray
April  7th  The Living Lord
14th  The Loving God
21st  The Good Shepherd
28th  The True Vine
March  3rd  Hearing and Understanding the Word
10th  Unlimited Forgiveness
17th  The First Will Be Last
24th  Achieving Your Potential
31st  A Compelling Invitation
February  4th  Running From God
11th  Extending Mercy
18th  Remaining Loyal
25th  Showing Kindness
January  7th  Called to Serve
14th  Sent on Mission
21st  Strengthened to Endure
28th  Victory Through Suffering
December  3rd  For Those Who Hurt
10th  For Those Who Are Discouraged
17th  For Those Who Despair
24th  For Those Who Seek Peace
31st  For Those Who Proclaim Good News
November  5th  A Gospel for Everyone
12th  Grace on Trial
19th  Help Wanted
26th  The Gospel’s Power to Overcome
October  1st  Becoming a Servant
8th  The Worth of a Person
15th  Confronted by Jesus
22nd  No Partiality
29th  Purposeful Living
September  3rd  Promise of New Power
10th  Receiving New Power
17th  Christ’s Power to Save
24th  Boldness to Obey
August  6th  Responding to God’s Call
13th  Only God Can Protect
20th  Fair Warning
27th  Disobedience Brings Destruction
July  2nd  Condemning for National Wrongs
9th  Working for Justice and Righteousness
16th  Demonstrating Undeserved Love
23rd  Experiencing Undeserved Love
30th  Beware of Greed
June  4th  When Power is Misused
11th  Whom Will You Follow?
18th  Justice Corrupted
25th  Sharing the Good News
May  7th  Committed to Serve
14th  Motivated by Christ’s Love
21st  Ministry through Giving
28th  Serving with Love
April  2nd  Building Up the Body
9th  Growing through Worship
16th  Becoming a Resurrection People
23rd  Exercising Christian Freedom
30th  Sharing One Another’s Pain
March  5th  Speaking Spiritual Truth
12th  Faithfulness in Difficult Times
19th  Enduring Trials
26th  Dealing with Differences
February  5th  Celebrating the Covenant
12th  Experiencing Rejection
19th  Suffering for Others
26th  Follow the Leader
January  1st  Deliverance and Forgiveness
8th  A Leader Who Serves
15th  Persistent Faith
22nd  Challenged To Hear
29th  Welcome the Savior
December  4th  Prepare for a New Life
11th  Hold On to Your Faith
18th  Emmanuel
25th  God’s Great Gift
November  6th  David Claims God’s Promises
13th  David Sins against God
20th  Solomon’s Glorious Reign
27th  Solomon Turns from God
October  2nd  Israel’s Tragic Pattern of Life
9th  Deliverance By God’s Hand
16th  Israel Demands a King
23rd  Saul’s Opportunity as King
30th  King Saul Disobeys God
September  4th  Spying Out Jericho
11th  Acting on Faith
18th  Winning the Battle
25th  Choosing to Serve God
August  7th  Celebrate God’s Ownership
14th  Accept God’s Guidance
21st  Love the LORD Your God
28th  Choose to Obey
July  3rd  God Provides
10th  God Gives Confidence
17th  God Desires Obedience
24th  God Forgives
31st  God is with Us
June  5th  God Cares
12th  God’s Call and Our Response
19th  God Sets People Free
26th  God Gives Us Victory
May  1st  Delivered from Bondage
8th  Adopted as God’s Children
15th  Freed to Grow
22nd  Enabled to Bear Fruit
29th  Challenged to Love
April  3rd  Sharing Christ’s Glory
10th  Living in the Spirit
17th  Using Gifts to Serve
24th  Living for Others
March  6th  Saved by Faith
13th  Receiving God’s Gift
20th  Being Reconciled to God
27th  Delivered from Sin
February  6th  Expressing Childlike Faith
13th  Accountable for Our Actions
20th  Acting as a Servant
27th  From Death to Life
January  2nd  Mission to People
9th  Called to Care
16th  Living in God’s Kingdom
23rd  The Cost of Discipleship
30th  Lost and Found
December  5th  Good News for Us
12th  Saying ‘Yes’ to God
19th  God’s Gift of a Savior
26th  Choose to Serve
November  7th  Deception in the Family
14th  Dealing with Disappointment
21st  Being Forgiven
28th  The Ability to Bless
October  3rd  Trusting in God’s Promise
10th  Our Way, or God’s Way?
17th  God’s Everlasting Covenant
24th  God’s Promise Fulfilled
31st  Trouble in the Family
September  5th  God as Creator
12th  Created in God’s Image
19th  The Ultimate Temptation
26th  God’s Response to Sin
August  1st  New Life
8th  New Fellowship
15th  New Behavior
22nd  New Family Order
29th  New Strength
July  4th  The Preeminent Christ
11th  The Sufficient Christ
18th  Life in Christ
25th  Christ Unites
June  6th  A Worthy Life
13th  Christ, Our Model
20th  Keep On Keeping On
27th  Rejoice in the LORD
May  2nd  The Witness of John the Baptist
9th  We Have Found Him
16th  Encountering Christ
23rd  Confronting the Galilean
30th  The Promise of the Spirit
April  4th  Raised from the Dead
11th  Do as I Have Done
18th  To Love Is to Serve
25th  The Bread of Life
March  7th  Life in Christ
14th  Necessity of the New Birth
21st  Light of the World
28th  Coming to Life
February  7th  Commissioned to Witness
14th  Proclaim the Gospel
21st  Serve and Honor
28th  Teach the Truth
January  3rd  The Coming of the Holy Spirit
10th  A Call to Holy Living
17th  The Church Is for All People
24th  Learning God’s Wisdom
31st  One Body in Christ
December  6th  God’s Purpose through Love
13th  God’s Promise to Zacharias
20th  God’s Promise to the Gentiles
27th  Jesus—Filled with the Spirit
November  1st  Elijah: Prophet of Courage
8th  Amos: Prophet of Justice
15th  Hosea: Prophet of God’s Love
22nd  Micah: Prophet of Righteousness
29th  Jeremiah: Persistent Prophet
October  4th  Samuel, the Last Judge
11th  David: King Over All the People
18th  Solomon, the Wise King
25th  Josiah: King of Reforms
September  6th  God’s Call and Promise to Abram
13th  God’s Call to Moses
20th  God’s Choice of Joshua to Succeed Moses
27th  God’s Provision of Leadership through Deborah
August  2nd  Train Yourself in Godliness
9th  Set Your Priorities
16th  Respect God’s Word
23rd  Serve Faithfully
30th  Demonstrate Christian Living
July  5th  Faithfulness in Crisis
12th  Seek the LORD
19th  Renewal of Life
26th  Hold to Sound Doctrine
June  7th  God’s Justice Will Prevail
14th  Running Away from God
21st  Disturbed by God’s Grace
28th  Good News for God’s People
May  3rd  Called to be God’s People
10th  Witnessing in Suffering
17th  Excellent Exhortations
24th  Growing in Grace
31st  Living in the Light of the Future
April  5th  Love Says It All
12th  Christ Died for You
19th  Death Is Not the End
26th  The Gift of Living Hope
March  1st  Entering God’s Kingdom
8th  Affirming the Priority of People
15th  Ministering in Spite of Rejection
22nd  Jesus Meets Needs
29th  A Price to Pay
February  2nd  A Model for Prayer
9th  Jesus’ Prayer for Believers
16th  Being Servant of All
23rd  Song of God’s Victory
January  5th  A Song of Worship
12th  A Song of Gratitude
19th  A Song of Love
26th  A Song of Unreturned Love
December  1st  Song of Deliverance
8th  Song of Triumph
15th  Song of Sorrow
22nd  Song of Joy
29th  Song of Praise
November  3rd  Serving the Church
10th  Facing Crisis
17th  Speaking Up for Your Faith
24th  Proclaiming the Gospel
October  6th  Responding to Needs
13th  Finding Courage to Choose
20th  Finding the True God
27th  Learning from One Another
September  1st  From the Damascus Road to Rome
8th  Working Together
15th  Proclaiming the Good News
22nd  Making People Whole
29th  Working Out Differences
August  4th  Claiming Our Heritage
11th  Confessing Wrongdoing
18th  Making Commitments
25th  Living As God’s Community
July  7th  Challenged to Act
14th  Strength from God
21st  Stopping Exploitation
28th  Courage to Endure
June  2nd  Hope Renewed
9th  A New Beginning
16th  Facing Obstacles
23rd  Responding to Opportunity
30th  Called to Be Faithful
May  5th  Forgiving Others
12th  Fulfilling Our Ministry
19th  Discovering Motives for Service
26th  Giving Help to Others
April  7th  Celebrating Our Faith
14th  Using Our Gifts
21st  Learning to Love
28th  Sharing, Suffering, Comforting
March  3rd  Counsel for a Church in Crisis
10th  Moral Responsibility
17th  Guidance in Marriage
24th  Being Responsibly Free
31st  Victory over Death
February  3rd  For Whom Are You Concerned?
10th  Does God Care?
17th  How Forgiving Are You?
24th  How Do You Serve Christ?
January  6th  How Do You Hear the Word?
13th  How Are You Preparing?
20th  Do You See People’s Needs?
27th  How Faithful Are You?
December  2nd  Can I Begin Again?
9th  What Makes Religion Real?
16th  What Gives You Worth?
23rd  What Does Jesus Mean to You?
30th  Is God Fair?
November  4th  Seeking Answers
11th  Change Your Ways!
18th  Courage to Continue
25th  Need for Compassionate Leaders
October  7th  Consequences of Wrongdoing
14th  Standing Firm for Truth
21st  Assurance from God
28th  A Promise of Deliverance
September  2nd  Choosing a Leader
9th  Trusting God’s Promises
16th  Facing Your Sin
23rd  Personal Accountability
30th  Courageous Integrity
August  5th  God’s Acts Endure
12th  Choosing the Way of Life
19th  Searching for Wisdom
26th  Hear and Do
July  1st  The Priority of Wisdom
8th  The Value of Wisdom
15th  Lessons from Life
22nd  Proverbs in Pictures
29th  The Failure of Human Wisdom
June  3rd  Two Ways of Life
10th  Is Life Fair?
17th  Security Only in God
24th  Beginning of Knowledge
May  6th  Love and Hate
13th  Fear and Love
20th  Faith and Life
27th  Loyalty and Discipleship
April  1st  Standing for the Truth
8th  Facing Death
15th  Resurrection and Faith
22nd  Abiding in Love
29th  Knowing and Abiding
March  4th  When Love Abides
11th  Guided by the Spirit of Truth
18th  Facing Crucial Choices
25th  Denying Jesus
February  4th  Choosing the Light
11th  Choosing to Serve
18th  Choosing the Way
25th  Empowered by the Spirit
January  7th  Accepting the Evidence
14th  Satisfying Hunger
21st  Being Set Free
28th  Following the Light

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