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2000’s Article Index

December  6th  The Lineage of David
13th  Prophets Foreshadow Messiah’s Birth
20th  Emmanuel is Born
27th  Magi Confirm Messiah’s Birth
November  1st  A Holy People
8th  A Chosen People
15th  A Suffering People
22nd  A Faithful People
29th  A Hopeful People
October  4th  Looking for Jesus
11th  Recognizing Jesus
18th  Begging to Get In
25th  Opting Out
September  6th  Joshua: A Leader for the People
13th  Gideon: A Deliverer for the People
20th  Ezra: A Priest for the People
27th  Nehemiah: A Motivator for the People
August  2nd  People Grumble
9th  People Rebel
16th  Moses Disobeys
23rd  God Calls for Obedience
30th  God Calls for Decision
July  5th  God Calls People to Covenant
12th  God Calls People to Remember
19th  God Calls People to Special Service
26th  God Calls People to Jubilee
June  7th  God Calls Moses
14th  Moses and Aaron Respond
21st  Pharaoh Ignores God’s Call
28th  God Calls the People out of Egypt
May  3rd  New Family in Christ
10th  New Life in Christ
17th  New Revelation in Christ
24th  New Life in the Home
31st  Equipped for New Life
April  5th  Suffering Unto Death
12th  Resurrected Unto New Life
19th  Witnesses to New Life
26th  Bringing New Life to Those In Need
March  1st  A New Spirit
8th  New Leadership
15th  God’s People Restored Again
22nd  Prophesying New Life
29th  Envisioning New Life
February  1st  A Shunammite Woman Helps
8th  Nathan Challenges David
15th  Esther Risks Her Life
22nd  Isaiah Answers God’s Call
January  4th  Midwives Serve God
11th  Rahab Helps Israel
18th  Joshua Leads Israel
25th  Samson’s Mother Prepares for His Birth
December  7th  Mary’s Commitment
14th  Elisabeth’s Commitment
21st  Shepherds Glorify God
28th  John the Baptist Proclaims God’s Message
November  2nd  Fitting into the Community
9th  Conflict in the Community
16th  Communion with God in the Midst of Struggle
23rd  Witness of the Community
30th  Persecution within the Community
October  5th  Empowered to Be a Community
12th  Expansion of the Community
19th  Transformed to Witness to the Community
26th  Commissioned by the Community
September  7th  A New Community
14th  The Birth of a New Community
21st  Core Values of the New Community
28th  Creating a Community of Servants
August  3rd  Doers of the Word
10th  Impartial Disciples
17th  Wise Speakers
24th  People of Godly Behavior
31st  Prayerful Community
July  6th  Christ as Teacher
13th  Christ as Healer
20th  Christ as Servant
27th  Christ as Messiah
June  1st  Jesus as God’s Son
8th  Christ as Intercessor
15th  Christ as Redeemer
22nd  Christ as Leader
29th  The Eternal Christ
May  4th  The Temple Rebuilt
11th  Rebuilding the Wall
18th  Up Against the Wall
25th  Call to Renew the Covenant
April  6th  Daniel Keeps Covenant in a Foreign Land
13th  Three Refuse to Break a Covenant
20th  Daniel’s Life and Death Test
27th  Daniel’s Prayer for the People
March  2nd  The Ark Comes to Jerusalem
9th  God’s Covenant with David
16th  God Calls Solomon to Build the Temple
23rd  Fulfillment of God’s Promise
30th  Josiah Renews the Covenant
February  3rd  Summoned to Labor
10th  Summoned to Repent
17th  Summoned to be Humble
24th  Summoned to be a Disciple
January  6th  Inspired to Inquire
13th  Inspired to Love
20th  Inspired to Pray
27th  Inspired to Trust
December  2nd  Called to Believe
9th  Called to be a Vessel
16th  Called to Proclaim
23rd  Called to Rejoice
30th  Called to Witness
November  4th  Joseph’s Dream
11th  Joseph’s Dream Began to Come True
18th  God Preserved a Remnant
25th  Jacob Blessed His Family
October  7th  Esau and Jacob as Rivals
14th  Jacob’s Dream at Bethel
21st  Jacob and Rachel
28th  Esau and Jacob Reconciled
September  2nd  God Created the Heaven and the Earth
9th  God Created Humankind
16th  Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac
23rd  Abraham, Hagar, and Ishmael
30th  Isaac and Rebekah
August  5th  Maintaining Hope
12th  Personal Consequences of Sin
19th  Call for Repentance
26th  Living Responsibly in the Community of Faith
July  1st  Doing the Right Thing
8th  Getting Ready for Judgment
15th  A Reason to Hope
22nd  Your Actions, Your Consequences
29th  Getting through the Pain
June  3rd  Committed to Justice
10th  God’s Indictment of Israel
17th  True Worship
24th  Finding Satisfaction
May  6th  Finding Community
13th  The Eternal Home
20th  Living in Our New Home
27th  The Ultimate Happy Ending
April  1st  Yielding to Christ’s Lordship
8th  Discovering Resurrection
15th  Worshipping God Alone
22nd  Redeemable
29th  Source of Security
March  4th  Love Is Light
11th  Striving for Pure Love
18th  Showing Divine Love
25th  The Way to Love and Life
February  4th  Protection from Evil
11th  Life after Death
18th  A Guide for Life
25th  Secure Connections
January  7th  Be Free
14th  Ultimate Fairness
21st  Lasting Results
28th  Overcoming Darkness
December  3rd  Seeking Reconciliation
10th  Learning about God
17th  Walking in the Light
24th  Receiving the Word
31st  Keeping the Balance
November  5th  Depending on God’s Power
12th  Seeking Renewal
19th  Making Wrong Choices
26th  Experiencing Forgiveness
October  1st  Seeking Deliverance
8th  God’s Covenant with Judges and Kings
15th  Prayer Makes the Difference
22nd  A Promise You Can Trust
29th  God Answers Prayer
September  3rd  Finding Security
10th  Trusting Promises
17th  Being Mutually Responsible
24th  Making Life’s Choices
August  6th  What Is My Calling?
13th  Hope for Healing
20th  Stretching Our Love
27th  Building Community
July  2nd  Living in Relationships
9th  To Eat, or Not to Eat
16th  Called to Win
23rd  All for One
30th  Love Comes First
June  4th  Living in Unity
11th  Finding Wisdom
18th  Building Together
25th  Serving Responsibility
May  7th  A Treasure Worth Seeking
14th  Wisdom’s Invitation
21st  Choosing the Path of Integrity
28th  Living Out Wisdom
April  2nd  Living with Tragedy
9th  When All Seems Hopeless
16th  From Death to Life
23rd  Where Is Peace Found?
30th  Everything Has a Season
March  5th  God Made Us Special
12th  God Created Wonderful Things
19th  Searched and Known by God
26th  Worthy of Praise
February  5th  A Heritage of Faith
12th  Pursue Righteousness
19th  The Marks of a Helpful Mentor
26th  Teach Sound Doctrine by Example
January  1st  Finding Strength to Serve
8th  Everyone Needs Prayer
15th  Leading God’s People
22nd  Set an Example
29th  Practicing Justice and Mercy
December  4th  Serving Others
11th  Strength from God
18th  Hope for Those Who Suffer
25th  Be Joyful
November  6th  Encountering the Truth
13th  Offering of Oneself
20th  Working Together in the Ministry
27th  Saying Good-bye
October  2nd  Faithful Servant
9th  Christians without Borders
16th  Interpreting the Word
23rd  Breaking the Gospel Barriers
30th  Never Alone
September  4th  Encountering the Spirit
11th  Sharing Community
18th  The Gift of Healing
25th  Power to Be Bold
August  7th  What Is My Calling?
14th  Hope for Healing
21st  Stretching Our Love
28th  Building Community
July  3rd  Experiencing True Happiness
10th  Practicing Genuine Piety
17th  Learning to Listen
24th  Free to Forgive
31st  Meeting Human Needs
June  5th  Preparing for Leadership
12th  Healed to Wholeness
19th  The Prevailing Good
26th  Hope in the Midst of Despair
May  1st  Hanging on to God’s Good News
8th  Living on Faith
15th  From Slave to Heir
22nd  Free to Serve
29th  Life Together
April  3rd  Power for Living
10th  Affirming Christ as Lord
17th  Living the Christian Life
24th  Living in Harmony
March  6th  None Is Righteous
13th  God Judges All People
20th  Justified by Faith
27th  Victory over Death
February  6th  Jesus Teaches God’s Judgments
13th  Jesus Offers God’s Forgiveness
20th  God’s Mighty Acts through Jesus
27th  God Leads Man to Decision
January  2nd  Spreading the Good News
9th  Sharing God’s Hospitality
16th  Preparing for the Job
23rd  Giving Your All
30th  Moving toward Greatness
December  5th  The Call to Follow God
12th  Leadership Qualities
19th  When the Unexpected Happens
26th  Searching for Hope in the Right Places
November  7th  Living by New Rules
14th  Counting on Resurrection
21st  New Beginnings
28th  Becoming One Family
October  3rd  Leaving a Legacy
10th  Re-creating Community
17th  Creating a New Covenant
24th  Looking for Hope
31st  Creating a Renewed Trust
September  5th  Discovering Our Value in God’s Creation
12th  Beginning Again
19th  Power for Deliverance
26th  Becoming God’s People
August  1st  Foundations for Effective Leadership
8th  Exercise and Sacrifice
15th  Grace for God’s Workers
22nd  Remaining Steadfast
29th  Doing the Right Thing
July  4th  A Call to Higher Faith
11th  Call to Perfection
18th  Living Faith
25th  Maturing in Faith Through Discipline
June  6th  The Reason to be Faithful
13th  Partners in Suffering
20th  Be Faithful: Obey
27th  Approach in Boldness
May  2nd  Reflecting the Glory
9th  Who is Worthy?
16th  The Faithful are Rewarded
23rd  A Call for Endurance
30th  A New Homecoming
April  4th  Putting Your Life on the Line
11th  Changing Defeat into Victory
18th  Encouraging Faith
25th  Getting Ready
March  7th  Love and Betrayal
14th  Celebration and Anticipation
21st  Praying during Tough Times
28th  Falsely Accused
February  1st  The Seasons of Life
8th  Change Comes to All
15th  The Joy and Wonder of Love
22nd  Courage to Risk All
29th  Feasting and Sharing
January  4th  Holding Firm in Suffering
11th  Seeking God in Times of Trial
18th  Maintaining Integrity in Daily Living
25th  Encountering God
December  7th  Dedicating to God
14th  Preparing the Way
21st  Believing God’s Promise
28th  Learning to Grow
November  2nd  Enjoy Fellowship
9th  Love One Another
16th  Live with Confidence
23rd  Remain Loyal
30th  Maintain Steadfast Faith
October  5th  Called to New Life
12th  Be a Good Example
19th  Growing in Faith
26th  Being Faithful to Promises
September  7th  Endurance in God’s Strength
14th  Faith Means Action
21st  Living Wisely
28th  Humility is Next to Godliness
August  3rd  Peril of Pride
10th  Call for Repentance
17th  Different Destinies
24th  Certainty in an Uncertain World
31st  Final Rewards
July  6th  Accepting a Challenging Task
13th  Persevering with Faith
20th  Responding to God’s Laws
27th  Renewing Spiritual Commitments
June  1st  Facing a God-Given Opportunity
8th  Laying Foundations
15th  Getting Back on Track
22nd  Hope for the Future
29th  Celebrating Victories
May  4th  Act Boldly in Faith
11th  Follow in Faith
18th  Facing Our Unbelief
25th  How Bold is Your Faith?
April  6th  Purifying the Worshipping Community
13th  New Meaning for Old Traditions
20th  Triumph Over Adversity
27th  Faith Conquers Fear
March  2nd  The Beginning of the Gospel
9th  Jesus Calls Sinners
16th  The Power of Jesus
23rd  Mission Accomplished
30th  Impurity Comes from Within
February  2nd  Encouraging Others
9th  Obeying the Call
16th  Playing a Supportive Role
23rd  Partnering in Mission
January  5th  Setting Right Priorities
12th  Purposeful Friendships
19th  Truth and Character
26th  Failure and Restoration
December  1st  Rewards of Faithfulness
8th  Accepting the Call
15th  Obedient Living
22nd  A Wondrous Birth
29th  Preparing the Way
November  3rd  Facing the End
10th  Hope Born Out of Despair
17th  Transformation Required
24th  Restoration Complete
October  6th  Listen Carefully
13th  Justice Demanded
20th  Hope to the Weary
27th  Faith Overrides Despair
September  1st  A Time To Decide
8th  Learning the Hard Way
15th  Overcoming Spiritual Complacency
22nd  What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
29th  Facing Consequences
August  4th  Wisdom Brings Happiness
11th  Do the Right Thing
18th  Say the Right Thing
25th  Who Cares for the Poor?
July  7th  Let Praise Continue
14th  Responsible to Care
21st  Joy in Forgiveness
28th  Sing a New Song
June  2nd  The Right Way
9th  Live in Hope
16th  Don’t Be Afraid
23rd  Where Is Justice?
30th  Tell the Story
May  5th  Living by the Truth
12th  God’s Blended Family
19th  The Point of Freedom
26th  Choices and Consequences
April  7th  Is There Hope?
14th  How Are They to Hear?
21st  How Are We to Live?
28th  Who Can Judge?
March  3rd  Getting Right with God
10th  Admitting Need
17th  Following an Example of Faith
24th  Reaping the Benefits
31st  Experiencing New Life
February  3rd  Remaining Loyal
10th  Showing Kindness
17th  Running From God
24th  Showing Mercy
January  6th  A Time for Building
13th  Seek the LORD
20th  True Worship
27th  A New Creation
December  2nd  The Gift of Light
9th  The Gift of Peace
16th  The Gift of Comfort
23rd  The Gift of Wholeness
30th  The Gift of Justice
November  4th  Finding Supreme Happiness
11th  Fulfilling the Commandments
18th  Worrying Needlessly
25th  Relating to Others
October  7th  Hearing the Word
14th  Being a Neighbor
21st  Praying Effectively
28th  Serving Christ by Serving Others
September  2nd  Seeing is Believing
9th  Filling Our Needs
16th  Restoring Wholeness
23rd  Persisting in Faith
30th  Believing and Living
August  5th  Answering God’s Call
12th  Trusting God’s Care
19th  Accepting God’s Judgment
26th  Experiencing Sin’s Consequences
July  1st  Consequences of Disobedience
8th  Empty Offerings
15th  Broken Vows
22nd  Rejected Love
29th  High Expectations
June  3rd  Choose Wisely
10th  Follow Instructions
17th  Remain Committed
24th  Speak Truth
May  6th  Opening New Doors
13th  Defending the Truth
20th  Responding to Need
27th  Serving with Faith and Confidence
April  1st  Called to Serve and Forgive
8th  Called to Witness to All People
15th  Called to Proclaim the Risen Lord
22nd  Called to Be Inclusive
29th  Reaching Out to Others
March  4th  The Promise of Power
11th  Empowered by the Spirit
18th  Empowered for Service
25th  Spirit Empowered Obedience
February  4th  Reclaiming the Lost
11th  Service—The Way to Greatness
18th  Fulfilling One’s Mission
25th  You Are a Witness!
January  7th  Discovering Your Mission
14th  Counting the Cost
21st  Celebrating Reconciliation
28th  Preparing for the Future
December  3rd  Preparing for Christ’s Ministry
10th  Obeying God’s Call
17th  Praising God
24th  Welcoming the Savior
31st  Recognizing the Christ
November  5th  When Believers Fall
12th  When Tasks Overwhelm
19th  When Goals are Reached
26th  When Compromise Ruins
October  1st  The Challenge of Change
8th  The Challenge of Choosing
15th  The Challenge of Loss
22nd  The Challenge of Leadership
29th  The Challenge of God’s Promise
September  3rd  Be an Encourager
10th  Be Obedient
17th  Be Faithful
24th  Be an Example
August  6th  The Source of Life
13th  The Fullness of Life
20th  The Way of Life
27th  The Grace of Life
July  2nd  Claim Your Spiritual Blessings
9th  Claim Your New Status
16th  Claim Your Ministry
23rd  Claim Your Responsibilities
30th  Claim the Strength of the Lord
June  4th  Living Is Christ
11th  Genuine Humility
18th  Striving to be Christlike
25th  Deep Joy
May  7th  From Sorrow to Joy
14th  From Suffering to Triumph
21st  From Reluctance to Joyful Giving
28th  From Confrontation to Growth
April  2nd  Responsibility in Marriage and Singleness
9th  Let Love Lead
16th  Work Together
23rd  What about the Resurrection?
30th  What is Real Love?
March  5th  Appeal for Unity
12th  True Wisdom: A Basis for Unity
19th  Mature Leaders Bring Unity
26th  Discipline Brings Unity
February  6th  The Guidance of the Word
13th  The Joy of Being Prepared
20th  The Death in Our Behalf
27th  The Basis of Our Authority
January  2nd  Thinking about Commitment
9th  Thinking about Prayer
16th  Thinking about Wholeness
23rd  Thinking about Jesus’ Power
30th  Thinking about Rewards

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