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1990’s Article Index

December  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 30—Joseph Tests His Brethren
Strengthening the Brethren
Spiritual Alertness
A Shelter for God’s People
November  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 29—Benjamin Goes to Egypt
God’s Covenants
Keeping Our “First Love”
October  A New Creation
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 28—Jacob Seeks Food in Egypt
“Feed My Sheep”
September  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 27—Joseph Made Ruler
The Peace of Christ
Hard Sayings
Blessed Bible, Precious Word
August  God’s Word in Our Lives
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 26—The Dreams of Two Prisoners
God’s Perfect Peace
“If Ye Love Me”
Searching the Scriptures
July  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 25—Joseph Honored and Imprisoned
The Power of God’s Word
Soldiers of Jesus Christ
“Who Shall Separate Us?”
Guard that Intrusted to Thee
June  The Keeping Power of God
“The Deep Things of God”
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 24—A Link in Jesus’ Genealogy
The School of Christ
“Be Ye Transformed”
May  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 23—Joseph’s Dreams
God’s Thoughts to “Us-ward”
April  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 22—The Generations of Esau
The Eternal Purpose
The Rest of Faith
“So Much the More”
March  As Oft as Ye Do This
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 21—The Promise Repeated
Worthy Is the Lamb
The “Escaped of the Nations”
February  The Observance of Lent
Trusting Our God
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 20—The Seed Protected
The Heavenly Vision
Our Warfare
January  The Peace of God
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 19—Two Brothers Meet
Are We Willing?
Time to Seek the LORD
December  Out of Bethlehem
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 18—Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau
Receiving Grace in Vain
Built Upon A Rock
November  Let Us Give Thanks
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 17—Jacob’s Separation From Laban
Champions of the Faith
October  The Sword of the LORD
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 16—Jacob Serves for Rachel
Zealous of Good Works
Examples of Faithfulness
September  Spiritual Pride
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 15—Jacob’s Ladder Dream
The Sword of the Spirit
Our Strength and Song
August  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 14—The Promise Inherited by Issac and Jacob
The Ministry of Angels
Let Us Go Forward!
For an Incorruptible Crown
July  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 13—Abraham Dies in Faith (Jacob & Esau are Born)
Our Heritage of Liberty
Workers Together with Him
June  Following the Master
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 12—Seeking a Bride for Isaac
God’s Gifts to the Faithful
Keep My Commandments
May  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 11—Take Now Thy Son
Justice, the Foundation of God’s Throne
April  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 10—The Promised Seed Comes
Jesus, the Center of Unity
“In Remembrance of Me”
March  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 9—Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed
Overcoming the World
February  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 8—A Visit by Angels
Holy Conversation and Godliness
Love and Good Works
January  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 7—The Promise Affirmed
I Will Come Again
December  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 6—The Covenant and the Seed
God’s Great Gift
Sir, We Would See Jesus
November  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 5—The Covenant and the Land
Christian Thankfulness
The Great Commission
October  The Power of the Spirit
The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 4—A New World Begins
Oneness of the Divine Family
The Purpose of the Christian Life
September  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 3—The Destruction of a World
The Fellowship of the Sons of God
August  The Victory of Faith
The Greatest Thing in the Universe
The Plan of God in the Book of Genesis, Part 2
July  The Spirit’s Leadings
The Plan of God in the Book of Genesis, Part 1
The Message of Revelation
June  God’s Will
Marvelous Are Thy Works
Patient Endurance—the Final Test
The Lamb’s Wife
May  A Sanctuary in the Time of Trouble
The King of Peace Inaugurated
Written Aforetime for Our Admonition
April  The Blood of Sprinkling
Our Master’s Last Five Days
Washing One Another’s Feet
March  Bearing Witness to the Truth
“That By These”
February  Faith Versus Works
God Endows the New Creature
Love’s Labor Rewarded
January  Christ, Our All in All
December  Good Tidings of Great Joy!
The Whole Armor of God
The Spirit of Truth
November  Our Lord and Nicodemus
“My Grace is Sufficient for Thee”
Let Us Give Thanks
That Ye Sin Not
October  The Glory of Jesus Christ
The Power of the Tongue
Sonship, Fellowship, Partnership
September  The Judgment, The Kingdom, The Covenant
The Anointing of the Spirit
“Behold, I Stand at the Door”
August  The Blessed Dead
Your Love is Better Than Wine
“The Evil Day”
July  Christian Sabbath Keeping
Pride—Its Manifestations
June  Speaking in Tongues
The New Covenant and Its Blood
“Learn of Me”
May  Spiritual Vision
The Meaning of Pentecost
“Teach All Nations”
April  When He Ascended
The Memorial Supper
March  Oneness of the Brethren
Wisdom From Above
February  The Meaning of Lent
The First Armageddon Battle
January  “Let Brotherly Love Continue”
Seeing the Invisible
December  The Glory of God
Jesus and the Apostles
“He Hath Perfected the Sanctified”
Jesus, the First and the Last
November  “Know Ye Not?”
Who Shall Stand?
October  God’s Holy Prophets
Our Refuge and Strength
For What Are You Seeking?
September  The Hidden Life
Strive Lawfully
David, a Man after God's Own Heart
August  A Living Hope
Lost “Keys” of Knowledge
John, the Forerunner
The Changed Heavens and Earth
Lessons from the Life of Solomon
July  Walking with God
God’s Gifts to the Faithful
Exceeding and Abounding
June  The Joy Set Before Us
Sowing the Seeds of Truth
Law Righteousness and Faith Righteousness
May  Our Commission
“Where Christ Sitteth”
The Rest of Faith
April  “The Intents of the Heart”
“I Will … Sup with Him”
“If Christ Be Not Risen”
March  The Hope of the Church
“Continue in My Word”
A Contrite and Humble Spirit
February  Blessed Is He That Waiteth
Spiritual Fellowship
The Close-Girding Sin
January  The Wisdom from Above
On Reading the Bible
Opening the Windows of Heaven
December  The “Seed” Series, Part 9—Israel and the Promised Land
“Unto Us a Son is Given”
Our Responsibility Concerning Present Truth
November  Let Us Give Thanks
The “Seed” Series, Part 8—Israelites Indeed
Crises in the Life of Peter
Going on to Perfection
October  The “Seed” Series, Part 7—Gentiles Invited
“Thou Knowest”
“By Faith … Not Knowing”
September  What the LORD Requires
The “Seed” Series, Part 6—Times of Restitution
“From Strength to Strength”
August  “Stedfast and Abounding”
The Unity of the Spirit
The “Seed” Series, Part 5—Treasure in Heaven
July  Our Partnership in the Gospel
“A Faithful Saying”
The “Seed” Series, Part 4—Heirs of the Promise
June  Our Hope in Christ
The Church
The “Seed” Series, Part 3—The Sure Mercies of David
May  The “Seed” Series, Part 2—A Miracle Child
Lessons from Kings of Israel
April  “Pray without Ceasing”
The Risen Christ
The “Seed” Series, Part 1: Joy—Tragedy—Hope
March  Wells of Living Water
“A Corn of Wheat”
Armor of God Series, Conclusion—The Sword of the Spirit
February  God’s Covenants
The Resurrection Power
Armor of God Series, Part 4—The Helmet of Salvation
“A Still More Excellent Way”
January  “Know Ye Not?”
Armor of God Series, Part 3—The Shield of Faith
“I Will Be Exalted in the Earth”
December  “Unto Us a Son Is Given”
The Shepherd and the Sheep
Armor of God Series, Part 2—The Sandals of Peace
November  “O Give Thanks Unto the LORD”
The Levites—Servants of God
“Give Me Thine Heart”
October  “Be Ye Clothed”
Armor of God Series, Part 1—The Armor of God
The Blood of Atonement
September  Dying for a Cause
Receiving a Kingdom which Cannot Be Moved
August  The Rest of Faith
The Light of God’s Countenance
Lessons from Jude
July  The Just Shall Live
A Mighty Hand and An Outstretched Arm
June  The Shining Light
Intents of the Heart
The New Song
May  The Blessed People of God
Seeing the Invisible
April  “If Christ Be Not Risen”
The Joy Set Before Us
Let Us Remember
March  The Glory of the LORD
Peace with God
His Hands Shall Finish It
February  “All Things”
Limitations of Liberty in Christ
January  The Test of Time
The Witness of Jesus
The Land of the Living
December  The Great Physician
Striving for Heart Perfection
November  Giving Thanks to God
Holding Fast
October  All Things that Are “Become New”
Going On to Perfection
September  Heavenly Aspirations
Sanctified by God’s Will
Liberty in Christ
The Unity of the Spirit
August  Remembered by the LORD
The Rewards of Faith
The Law
July  In His Presence
Knowing the Unknown God
The Power of Prayer
June  Must Christians Be Persecuted?
Our Hearts
May  Run with Patience
The Parable of the Penny
April  Love, the Evidence of Discipleship
March  Ministering to Our Faith
February  The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Once a Slave—Now a Brother
January  What Manner of Persons?
December  Be Strong in the LORD!
November  Ransom and Sin Offering
Our Profession
October  Our Justification
The Cloud of Witnesses
September  Our Great High Priest
“If Any Man Will Come After Me”
August  “What Is That in Thine Hand?”
July  Take Earnest Heed
June  A Day of Small Things
May  God’s Abundant Mercy
The Open Hand
April  He Loves and Cares
The Gospel Series, Conclusion—The Gospel of John
March  Taking Heed Lest We Fall
The Gospel Series, Part 3—The Gospel of Luke
February  The Gospel Series, Part 2—The Gospel of Mark
Crumbs from the Master’s Table
Jehovah’s Abiding Presence
January  The Kingdom and Its Blessings
The Gospel Series, Part 1—The Gospel of Matthew
“If It Be So”
December  Our Lord’s Return
“God Is No Respecter of Persons”
November  Sacrifices of Thanksgiving
Winning God’s Election
The Consecration of the Priesthood
October  The Unsearchable Riches
September  Vessels of the Great Potter
Those Things
August  Abide with Us
The Heavenly Vision
July  Winning God’s Election
The Image of God
Discerning Good and Evil
June  Time, Its Value
Gathering the Saints
May  The Serpent upon a Pole
Cities of Refuge
April  Lessons from Lot
Witnesses for God - Part 2 of 2
March  Propitiation
Witnesses for God - Part 1 of 2
February  The Importance of Time
January  The Great Physician
Things to Remember and Things to Forget

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