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December  The Heavenly Call—Part 12,  Harvest of the Gospel Age
The Hope Laid Up in Heaven
Give Me Thine Heart
November  The Heavenly Call—Part 11,  The Master’s Return and End of the Age
Our Life of Consecration
October  The Heavenly Call—Part 10,  Suffering for Christ
Encouraging the Temple Builders
Baptized Into Glory
September  The Heavenly Call—Part 9,  Sustained by the Hand of God
Saved by Grace
August  The Heavenly Call—Part 8,  Testifying to God’s Grace
The Rod and Staff of the Lord
Our Privilege of Prayer
July  The Heavenly Call—Part 7,  The Last Pilgrimage
Saved by Grace
June  The Heavenly Call—Part 6,  The Heavenly Call is Heard at Athens
Our Reasonable Service
A Marriage in Heaven
God’s Unseen Messengers
May  The Heavenly Call—Part 5,  Paul Has A Vision
The Power of God’s Word
April  The Heavenly Call—Part 4,  Many Heard and Believed
“Let Us Keep the Feast”
Sons of God
March  The Heavenly Call—Part 3,  The Conversion of Saul
God’s Great Oath-bound Covenant
February  The Heavenly Call—Part 2,  Gentiles Are Called
The Covering Garments
Walking Daily with the Lord
January  The Heavenly Call—Part 1,  The Eternal Purpose of God
Lessons from the Jordan River
December  Treasures of the Truth—Part 23,  Free from Bondage
Sanctification of the Spirit
I Am The Way
November  Treasures of the Truth—Part 22,  Salvation: The Gift of God
Lessons from Job
Sons of God
October  Treasures of the Truth—Part 21,  Waiting to Live and Reign with Christ
Elisha, the Man of God
From Darkness to Light
September  Treasures of the Truth—Part 20,  Sweet Savor of the New Covenant
Denying Self
Meditating on the Laws of God
August  Treasures of the Truth—Part 19,  Ministering Spirits to the Heirs of Salvation
Members in Particular
July  Treasures of the Truth—Part 18,  Ministers of the New Covenant
The Potter and the Clay
Out of a Pure Heart
Message of God
June  Treasures of the Truth—Part 17,  According to His Riches
Keeping the Heart
Faith and Good Doctrine
May  Treasures of the Truth—Part 16,  God’s Dwelling Place
The Knowledge of Good and Evil
He is Faithful
April  Treasures of the Truth—Part 15,  Christ Is Risen
Partaking of the Lord’s Memorial
This Do In Remembrance
March  Treasures of the Truth—Part 14,  Our Refuge and Strength
Clothed with the Graces of the Spirit
February  Treasures of the Truth—Part 13,  Our Advocate with the Father
January  Treasures of the Truth—Part 12,  Seeking High Office
Jesus: An Example of Consecration
The Doing of God’s Will
December  Treasures of the Truth—Part 11,  Glorious Hope of the Church
We Have Seen His Star
The Lord Is My Shepherd
November  Treasures of the Truth—Part 10,  A Little Flock
A Time for Thanksgiving
September  Treasures of the Truth—Part 9,  I Have Many Things to Say Unto You
Precious Memories
A Symbolic Rock
August  Treasures of the Truth—Part 8,  What Manner of Persons Ought Ye to Be?
Who Shall Ascend?
Our Heavenly Father
Thy Word Was Found
July  Treasures of the Truth—Part 7,  Men Moved by the Holy Spirit of God
The Spiritual Seed
June  Treasures of the Truth—Part 6,  The Gift of Prayer
Refuse Not Him That Speaketh
A New Creature
May  Treasures of the Truth—Part 5,  Changed: From Glory to Glory
April  Treasures of the Truth—Part 4,  The Lamb of God
Seeking Things Above
The Walk to Gethsemane
March  Treasures of the Truth—Part 3,  The Promise of His Return
Sons of God
February  Treasures of the Truth—Part 2,  The Church: A Faith Class
Faithful Endurance
Believing on Him
January  Treasures of the Truth—Part 1,  Hidden Treasures: from the Storehouse of God
Keeping Ourselves in the Love of God
December  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 12,  Exceeding Great and Precious Promises
The Great Things of God
Established in Faith
November  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 11,  Peace through Christ’s Kingdom
My Cup Runneth Over
A Time for Thanksgiving
October  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 10,  The Morning Cometh, and Also the Night
Things Worth Striving For
September  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 9,  Mine Eyes Are Upon All Their Ways
The Philippian Mission
Restoring the Soul
The Christian’s Firm Foundation
August  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 8,  God’s Rule in the Affairs of Mankind
Work Out Your Salvation
Called, Elected and Assured
Praise the LORD!
July  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 7,  The Treading Down of Jerusalem
Casting Out Fear
The Everlasting Testimony
June  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 6,  Knowledge Shall Be Increased
The Vision Speaks
Eden to Zion
The Substance of Things Hoped For
May  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 5,  The Appearing and Revealment of Jesus Christ
Lessons from Jonah
April  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 4,  The Manner of Our Lord’s Second Advent
The Memorial Emblems
A New Creation in Christ
March  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 3,  A Shining Light
God’s Work of Faith
God’s Unspeakable Gift
The Lamb’s Wife
February  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 2,  The Seventy Weeks
Pride and the Worldly Spirit
Let Us Hold Fast
Our Walk of Faith
January  God’s Word in Prophecy—Part 1,  Appointed Times
A New Kind of Love
His Hands Shall Finish It
December  The Holy Spirit—Part 10,  The Spirit on All Flesh
A Very Present Help
Children of the Most High
November  The Holy Spirit—Part 9,  Sinning against the Holy Spirit
Contending for the Faith
Love Is Kind
October  The Holy Spirit—Part 8,  Filled with the Spirit
The Church at the End of the Gospel Age
September  The Holy Spirit—Part 7,  Sealed by the Holy Spirit
Trials Essential
Home at Last
August  The Holy Spirit—Part 6,  The Witness of the Spirit
“All Things New”
The Rest of Faith
July  The Holy Spirit—Part 5,  Born of the Spirit
Maintaining a Healthy Spiritual Heart
A Reasonable Service
Expressing Appreciation
June  The Holy Spirit—Part 4,  The Anointing of the Spirit
Book of Remembrance
Seeing the Invisible
Sowing and Reaping
May  The Holy Spirit—Part 3,  Baptized by the Holy Spirit
The Church’s Great Commission
April  The Holy Spirit—Part 2,  The Holy Spirit of Truth
The Memorial of Our Lord’s Death
March  The Holy Spirit—Part 1,  The Holy Spirit of God
God’s Inheritance in the Saints
February  God and Creation—Part 18,  The Seventh Creative Day
Know Ye Not?
Children of Light
January  God and Creation—Part 17,  Deliverance Promised
Dying for a Cause
December  God and Creation—Part 16,  Hell Destroyed
Keeping the Heart
Preaching the Gospel
“One Thing” of Importance
November  God and Creation—Part 15,  The Truth about Hell
God’s Covenants
Thankfulness for God’s Works
October  God and Creation—Part 14,  The Hope of Immortality
What Are You Seeking?
The Divine Architect and Builder
September  God and Creation—Part 13,  Man’s Eternal Home
They Who Lived and Reigned
God’s Merciful Purpose
August  God and Creation—Part 12,  The Gift of God
A Living Hope
Trials Essential to Character Development
Power from on High
July  God and Creation—Part 11,  The Great Deception
The Glory of God
An Habitation of God
The Fount of Every Blessing
June  God and Creation—Part 10,  Adam Condemned to Die
Lost Keys of Knowledge
The Blood of Atonement
The Ministry of Sorrow
May  God and Creation—Part 9,  Temptation and Fall
The Resurrection of the Dead
April  God and Creation—Part 8,  God Provides for Man
The Resurrection Power
Seeking Things Above
The Memorial Supper
Searching the Scriptures
March  God and Creation—Part 7,  Man, a Living Soul
Joseph and Fruit Bearing
Quietness and Confidence
February  God and Creation—Part 6,  Man’s Dominion
Who Shall Stand?
January  God and Creation—Part 5,  In the Image of God
Ransom, Propitiation, Sin Offering
A New Creature
December  God and Creation—Part 4,  The Latter Days of Creation
The Giver and the Gift
Glorify God
“Therefore, … Walk Worthy”
November  God and Creation—Part 3,  The Early Days of Creation
Sober and Thankful Christians
October  God and Creation—Part 2,  God Imparts Wisdom
More Than Conquerors
The Power of Praise
September  God and Creation—Part 1,  God, the Creator
Exceeding Great and Precious Promises
The Marriage of the King’s Daughter
August  Know Your Bible—Part 6,  The Ministry of Salvation
The Hidden Life
July  Know Your Bible—Part 5,  God’s Plan of Salvation - Jesus is Born
Walking with God
Our Assembling Together
June  Know Your Bible—Part 4,  God’s Plan of the Ages (The Latter Ages)
God, the Great Giver of Gifts
The Great Commission
May  Know Your Bible—Part 3,  God’s Plan of the Ages (The Early Ages)
Precious Promises
Our Affections
April  Know Your Bible—Part 2,  Illustrations Used By God
Go Quickly, and Tell
The Memorial Supper
The Furtherance of the Gospel
March  Know Your Bible—Part 1,  The High Thoughts of God
The Life and Resurrection of Christ
The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
February  The Bible—Part 15,  The Revelation of Jesus Christ
The Christian’s Sabbath
A Foregleam of Kingdom Power
January  The Bible, Part 14—The Epistles of John and Jude
Steadfast and Abounding
An Inheritance Incorruptible
December  The Bible, Part 13—James, I and II Peter
Pathways of Promise
November  The Bible, Part 12—Titus, Philemon, Hebrews
“Always for All Things”
“Work Out Your Own Salvation”
October  The Bible, Part 11—I and II Thessalonians, I and II Timothy
“The Way, the Truth, and the Life”
September  The Bible, Part 10—Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians
Christian Warfare
A City Comes Down from Heaven
August  The Bible, Part 9—Paul’s Letters to Christians at Rome and Corinth
Our Invisible Helpers
God’s Kingdom Nation
July  The Bible, Part 8—The Acts of the Apostles
The School of Christ
A Good Soldier
June  The Bible, Part 7—The New Testament—Its First Four Books
The New Covenant and Its Blood
The Law of God
May  The Bible, Part 6—Micah Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah & Malachi
Songs in the Night
April  The Bible, Part 5—Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, and Jonah
Victories of Faith
An Evangelist
He Giveth Quietness
March  The Bible, Part 4—Prophecies of the Old Testament
Remembering Christ’s Death
The Resurrection of Jesus
February  The Bible, Part 3—Trial, Praise, and Wisdom
The True and Living God
Self-denial and Its Reward
January  The Bible, Part 2—The Victories and Failures of Israel
Need of Patience
December  The Bible, Part 1—The World’s Best Seller
The Gifts of God
The Language Spoken by Adam
November  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 13—“Let Brotherly Love Continue”
Abounding and Thankful Christians
The Cleansing Power of Christ
Lesson of the Lilies
October  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 12:18-29—Approaching Mount Sion
The Ministry of Angels
Sowing and Reaping
September  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 12:1-17—Looking unto Jesus
Our Faithful Creator
“A Still More Excellent Way”
August  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 11:22-40—The Works of Faith
In the Night Watches
“Present” with the Lord
July  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 11:8-21—The Father of the Faithful
The Heritage of the Sons of God
Think It Not Strange
June  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 11:1-7—Heroes of Faith
“The Light of the World”
The Organization of the Church
An Elijah Work
“On Things Above”
The Bridal Robe
May  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 10:23-39—Holding Fast to the Faith
When Peter Was Converted
April  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 10:1-22—“A New and Living Way”
Honor, Shame, and Glory
“Till He Come”
March  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 9—Patterns of Heavenly Things
God’s Light Bearers
February  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 8—The Mediator of a Better Covenant
The Church
Our All-wise Lord
The Sunlight of the True Gospel
Ambassadors for Christ
The Importance of Love
January  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 7—“After the Order of Melchisedec”
The Greatest Thing
Take Up Your Cross
The Spirit of Good Will
December  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 6—Going on to Perfection
The Joy Set Before Him
Emmanuel—God with Us
November  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 5—The Called of God
The Story of Ruth
A Meditation of Thanksgiving
October  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4—Entering into Rest
The Mercy of God
Healing the Lame Man
Unity and Diversity
September  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 3—The Heavenly Calling
Paul Followed Christ
Perfecting Praise
The Exceeding Grace of God
August  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 2—The “Great Salvation”
A Shelter for God’s People
Our “Iron Gates”
The Greatness of His Power
July  Studies in the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 1—Greater than Angels
The Consecrated Life
The Blessed Hope
June  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 36—Jacob’s Burial and Joseph’s Death
The Shepherd’s Care
The Word of God
Strong Doctrine
May  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 35—Jacob Blesses His Sons
The Cross
April  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 34—Ephraim and Manasseh Blessed
The Sure Mercies of David
Boldness of God’s People
March  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 33—Presentation to Pharaoh
Love in Operation
The Trial of Your Faith
February  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 32—Jacob Moves to Egypt
With Us in the “Fire”
“Gather the Wheat into My Barn”
The Christian Charge
January  The Plan of God… Genesis, Part 31—“I am Joseph”
Oneness with Christ
The Blessed People of God
Blameless and Harmless

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