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Recorded Lecture Service

Mail and On Demand Services

Mail Service

Recorded discourses (sermons) are available on audio CDs.

If you subscribe to the service, you will be mailed two CDs on a loan basis. Upon return of the two CDs, we will automatically send you two more. The only cost to you will be the return postage.

If you should decide you would like to purchase any of the discourses, please advise us of the recording number(s) and we will make a new CD for you.

The CDs have one discourse per CD. We cannot combine two discourses onto one CD. Each CD costs $2.00. Multiple CDs will have varying shipping fees but will not be based on the single CD shipping fee.

You may subscribe to the free Recorded Lecture Department service by sending an e-mail to: or by mailing your request to the address below:

Dawn Recorded Lecture Department
199 Railroad Avenue
East Rutherford, NJ  07073

On Demand Service

You may listen to or download the recorded discourses (sermons) from the catalog below. They are in MP3 format.

Disclaimer: The Dawn Recorded Lecture Service is pleased to present the discourses from the Bible Students General Conventions. The speakers are elders of ecclesias from all over the globe. Some of the views presented in these discourses are not necessarily those of the Dawn Bible Students Association.

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