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2016 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1488Welcome Address
1489The Seven Wonders of Our World
1490Pay Close Attention
1491But Do You Trust Me?
1492Symposium—I Peter 1:22,23
1493Harvest Timing Clarifications
1494Theme Discourse—Haggai 2:7
1495Faith, Prophecy, Patient Endurance
1496Panel Discussion—The Authenticity of the Old Testament
1497“The God of All Comfort”—II Corinthians 1:3,4
1498Jerusalem, The City of Reconciliation
1499But Can I Trust You?
1500The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
1501Think on These Things
1502Panel Discussion—Personal Responsibility and Accountability
1503Baptismal Discourse
Panel Discussion—“Lest ye be wearied and faint…”
—Hebrews 12:3
1505The Marriage of the Lamb
1506Let the Words of Christ Dwell Within You
1507High Calling
1508The Glory of God
Panel Discussion—“That which every joint supplieth”
—Ephesians 4:16
1510A Certain Man from Cescarea
1511From Here to the Kingdom
1512From the House of Chloe
1513It Is Finished

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