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2011 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1353Welcome Address—What Seek Ye?
1354Christ in You, the Hope of Glory
1355For Me to Live is Christ
1356Lessons from the Cloud and Ashes
1357A River of the Water of Life
Symposium—Hebrews 10:22-24:
Let Us... Draw Near, Hold Fast, Consider One Another
1359Jehovah and Jehoshua
1360Theme Discourse—II Corinthians 4:8
1361An Introduction to the Book of Hebrews
1362Discussion—Change in Our World
1363This Thing is From Me
1364Our Sacrificial Offerings to God
1365Forgiveness—The Power to Change the Past
1366God’s Creative Works
1367A Faithful Creator
1368Panel Discussion—Is There Spirit Begettal in the Churches?  Yes / No
1369Baptismal Discourse
1370Discussion—Principles, the Acts of the Apostles
1371Instrumentalities for Dispensing Kingdom Blessings
1372Flourish and Growth
1373The Waters of Massah and Meribah
1374The Way of Holiness
1375Panel Discussion—First Resurrection
1376The Fellowship of Peter and Paul
1377The Life is in the Blood
1378God’s Gifts
1379Rest in the Lord

2010 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1326Welcome Address
1327Lessons From The Decalogue
1328The Story of Naaman the Leper
1329Offerings to God
1330The Long Sufferings and Patience of God
Symposium—The Three Temptations of Jesus:
Stones, Temple, Worship Me
1332The Rainbow Covenant
1333Theme Discourse—Matthew 6:33
1334The Five Visions of Babylon’s Fall
1335Panel Discussion—Winds of Doctrine (Ephesians 4:14)
1336The High Calling
1337More Blessed to Give
1338Elect According to the Foreknowledge of God
1339Talking to Others
1340One Set of Sevens
Panel Discussion—Did God Forsake His Son on the Cross?
Yes, he did / No, he did not
1342Baptismal Discourse
1343Discussion—The Decade in Review
1344Our Commission—Now and Then
1345Understanding John 1:1
1346How Clear Do You See?
1347Christian Suffering
1348Question Meeting
1349Holding Fast
1350I Will Go, I Will Do It
1351Hard Rain
1352Here Am I, Send Me

2009 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1299Welcome Address—Dwelling in the Holy
1300I Am With You
1301Seasons of Life
1303Something That Everyone Needs and is Promised to Receive
Symposium—Paul’s Missionary Journeys:
1st Journey, 2nd Journey, 3rd Journey
1305Without Me You Can Do Nothing
1306Theme Discourse—Romans 8:28
1307Write The Vision and Make It Plain
1308A Chosen Vessel
1309Peace of Mind in Economic Turmoil
1310Ye Shall Know the Truth—John 8:32
1311Look Up
1312The Top of The Mountains
1313A Ministry Of Words
1314Panel Discussion—The Tabernacle Shows:  A Progression / Conditions
1315Baptismal Discourse—I Come To Thee
1316Four Fifties
1317The Return of The Lord
1318The Legacy Of Galatians
1319Titus 2:11 & 12
1320We Are His Workmanship—Ephesians 2:10
1321Symposium—Priesthoods: Aaronic, Melchisedec
1322Three Altars
1323All Things Work Together
1324Finally Brethren, Think
1325Our Living Hope

2008 General Convention—Johnstown, PA.

1272Welcome Address—If By Any Means
1273Overlaid with Gold
1274The Witness of James
1275An Introspection of the Christian
1276Seven Churches of Revelation
Symposium—Lessons from Israel’s Feasts:
Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Tabernacles
1278Edify One Another
1279Theme Discourse—Romans 13:12
1280The Strategies of the Adversary and What Our Defense Should Be
1281The Rainbow Covenant
1282One Hope of Your Calling—Ephesians 4:4
1283Thank You
1284The House of David
1285What’s in Your Garden?
1286Our Most Precious Gift
1287Panel Discussion—ISRAEL: 2008 and Beyond
1288Baptismal Discourse
1289Walking in the Light
1290Never Leave an Offering on the Alter
1291We Are Peculiar
1292Our God
1293Abraham, the Friend of God—James 2:23
1294Symposium—The Harvest of the... Jewish Age, Gospel Age
1295Our Hitching Post
1296Fightings Without, Fears Within
1297A Song
1298Three Challenges

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