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December  The Grandest of All Gifts
November  Abounding Thankfulness
October  America’s Health Care Dilemma
September  Nuclear Ambitions: In Perilous Times
August  The Troubled Auto Industry
July  The Earth: Reeling To And Fro
June  The Days of Youth
May  Violence on the United States Border: Mexico’s Drug Wars
April  The Celebration of Passover
March  One Manner of Speech
February  Meltdown on Wall Street: Colossal Crisis
January  Renewing Our Vows
December  To This End Was I Born
November  Be Thankful
October  Over a Barrel: The High Cost of Oil
September  Disaster and Devastation: The Earthquake in China
August  Economic Woes: A Looming Crisis
July  Going Green: Environmental Awareness
June  Threatened Global Food Supply: Shortages Possible
May  The Vanishing Honeybee: Omen of Our Time
April  Spring: Season of Renewal
March  Global Warming: America’s New Stance
February  Winds of Fire
January  The Passing Time
December  Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus
November  Our Crumbling Infrastructure
October  The Dawn Magazine 75th Anniversary 1932–2007
September  Violence Will Cease: The Branch Will Sprout
August  Mass Murder: A New Dimension of Evil
July  Tainted Pet Foods: and the Lost Dominion
June  Selfishness: A Sign of Our Times
May  Strife Amongst Brothers: The Shiites and Sunnis
April  Memorial Meditations: In Remembrance of Jesus
March  Saddam Hussein: Demise of a Dictator
February  Our Defiled Earth
January  Quietly Waiting for Salvation
December  The Increase of His Government
November  Dangerous Times: And Our Reeling Earth
October  Rosh Hashanah and the Civil New Year
September  The Laborer’s Struggle—A Day for Reflection
August  Medo-Persia and The Islamic Republic of Iran
July  Celebrating Independence — The Setting Free from Bondage
June  The Sons of Ishmael — A Prophetic Clash of Cultures
May  Pestilences: In Diverse Places
April  Easter, Its Pagan Origins and True Meaning
March  The New China
February  Our Changing Climate
January  Another New Year
December  The Birth of a Savior: Tidings of Great Joy
November  A Time for Thanksgiving
October  Cloning: New Age of Biological Advancements
September  Seeking Peace In An Insecure World
August  “There Shall Be No More Death”—Part 2
July  “There Shall Be No More Death”—Part 1
June  Pope John Paul II - A Man of Peace Dies
May  Auschwitz: Monument to Horror
April  The Tsunami Disaster: A Sea of Sorrow
March  The Corruption of Riches
February  The Troublesome Middle East
January  An Enemy of Israel is Dead
December  Out of Bethlehem
November  Born-Again Christians
October  The Fruits of the Sun
September  Ever Be with the Lord
August  The Bright, Morning Star
July  Water of Life
June  The Lamb of God
May  The Glory of the Heavens
April  The Stone Which is Still Rejected
March  Mary Magdalene
February  Fear in the Hearts of Men
January  God’s Method of Setting Up His Kingdom
December  The Star of Bethlehem
November  Preview of Anarchy
October  Preaching the Gospel
September  A Pure Language
August  Planet Earth, God’s Footstool
July  The Wages of Sin
June  The Time of the End
May  Authority Established by God
April  Coveting Crude Oil
March  God Is Light
February  The Burdensome Stone
January  Deliverance Drawing Near
December  “Until He Come”
November  “Thy Kingdom Come”
October  Elusive Peace
September  The Sentence Of Death
August  The End Of The World
July  Exposing Hidden Things
June  The Land Given to Abraham
May  The Coming Universal Religion
April  The Gift of God
March  Israel Stands Alone
February  We Will Not Fear
January  The Earth Shall Yield Her Increase
December  Neither Shall They Learn War Any More
November  The Everlasting God
October  The Judgments of the LORD
September  The Powers of Heaven
August  Forgiveness
July  An Intelligent Creator
June  Homeless No Longer
May  The Water of Life
April  The Desert Shall Blossom as the Rose
March  A New Administration
February  The Unity of the Faith
January  Choose Life and Live
December  The Prophecy of Angels
November  The Recovery of Waste
October  Ancient Records and the Bible
September  Does Mercy Have Limits?
August  When No One Would Survive
July  Is the Bible True?
June  The Return of Jesus
May  Immortality
April  Coming Back from Hell Soon
March  “Fear Erases Hope”
February  This Un-Christian Century
January  Abraham, Father of the Faithful

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