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Doctrinal Discourses

The following are discourses (sermons)
on key doctrinal subjects.

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Discourse Title    Length    Choose format
The Doctrine of the Trinity35:31RealAudioMP3
The Bible—The Word of God34:23RealAudioMP3
Man’s Eternal Home32:44RealAudioMP3
Life, Death and the Hereafter27:17RealAudioMP3
The Day the World Ends27:47RealAudioMP3
The Resurrection of the Dead29:30RealAudioMP3
God’s Promised Blessing to All Nations29:54RealAudioMP3
The Judgment Day36:10RealAudioMP3
What Can a Man Believe?37:46RealAudioMP3
Born of the Spirit34:46RealAudioMP3
When a Man Dies27:26RealAudioMP3
The Holy Nation of Prophecy37:10RealAudioMP3
The Bible Hell33:57RealAudioMP3
Armageddon, Then World Peace24:24RealAudioMP3
The Times of Restitution31:39RealAudioMP3
What is the Soul?36:14RealAudioMP3
God’s Design for a Better World46:45RealAudioMP3
The Day of the Lord53:42RealAudioMP3
Where Is God in Our World’s Trouble?30:44RealAudioMP3
Times of the Gentiles36:42RealAudioMP3
The Covenants44:06RealAudioMP3
Father, Son and Holy Spirit36:22RealAudioMP3

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