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ADAM TO ZION  ($3.00) Children’s book. The Bible from A to Z for younger minds, inspired by The Photo-Drama of Creation.—187 pages

BEHOLD YOUR KING  ($3.00)Deals with the prophecies pertaining to the manner, time and purpose of our Lord’s return and second presence.—105 pages

BOOK OF BOOKS, THE  ($4.00)Outlines format and explains general themes of the Bible, tracing them from book to book, and from the Old Testament to the New Testament.—320 pages

BREAD FROM HEAVEN  Hardbound ($3.00) A young people’s Manna, with an inspiring text of Scripture for each day of the year, and space to record birthdays. Makes an appropriate gift.

CREATION  ($3.00)Newly revised. Examines in depth the creative days in comparison to recent scientific and geological knowledge.—118 pages

CREATOR’S GRAND DESIGN, THE  ($3.00)A lucid presentation of the Bible’s teachings concerning God’s design for man, including the hope of future life. Excellent for witness work.—240 pages

DAILY HEAVENLY MANNA  Softcover ($3.00)A Bible text and comment for every day of the year. Ruled pages for birthday records.

DAILY HEAVENLY MANNA & SONGS IN THE NIGHT  ($5.00) Combined hard cover book contains morning and evening scriptures with comments for each day of the year, including an area for recording birthdays and anniversaries.

EXCEEDING GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES  ($2.00) Highlights some of the thousands of promises lovingly given to us by our Heavenly Father. Provides “how to” lessons on real joy, unbreakable peace, lasting fellowship, transformative patience, and everlasting trust.—130 pages

GOD’S PLAN IN THE BOOK OF GENESIS  ($3.00) A chapter-by-chapter study, introducing the marvelous features of God’s plan from creation and Adam to Joseph.—263 pages

GOD’S PROMISES COME TRUE  ($5.00) Children’s book. Introduces children to forty-nine easy to read stories contained in the Bible. Includes coloring pages. Large size, comb bound.—181 pages

HEAVENLY CALL, THE  ($3.00) Discusses important features of the heavenly call of the present Gospel Age, including its manner, requirements, and purpose in God’s plan of salvation.—152 pages

HOLY SPIRIT, THE  ($3.00) Defines the Holy Spirit of God. Discusses what it means to be anointed, baptized, sealed, filled, begotten and born of the Holy Spirit.—119 pages

HYMNS OF DAWN  Hardbound ($4.00)Unexcelled for personal, home, or church use. The words of each song have been made to conform to the truth of the Bible, enabling you to sing both in spirit and in truth.—500 pages

MIND OF CHRIST, THE  ($5.00) New. Discusses important lessons found in the Bible regarding the transformation within the mind of the footstep follower of Christ Jesus and how to apply this in our lives.—231 pages

OUR LORD’S TEACHINGS BY PARABLES  ($5.00) Considers the reasons why Jesus taught by the use of parables. Cites 58 parables of our Lord and discusses their meaning in the light of God’s plan of salvation. Large size, comb bound.—159 pages

PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE, THE  ($4.00)Discusses the important personages of the Bible and demonstrates how Jehovah used them to accomplish his work at the time, and how their work has contributed to the development of the great plan of salvation. It shows the relationship between the Old and the New Testament.—465 pages

PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION, THE  ($3.00) Hard cover. A faithful reproduction of the historic book offered in the early 1900’s. Includes a full explanation of the plan of God from creation to the resurrection and restoration of all mankind.—100 pages

POEMS OF DAWN  ($5.00) Over three-hundred beautifully inspiring poems to read and contemplate. Covers all aspects of the Christian’s life. Hard cover.—318 pages

SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES  ($5.00) Examines in detail thirty-six Bible topics of fundamental importance to the student of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.—353 pages

SONGS IN THE NIGHT  ($2.00)A fitting text and comment for every day of the year, designed for evening devotion.—226 pages

STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES  ($15 per set) You will find the Studies in the Scriptures series outstanding textbooks on the Bible.Deluxe Library Edition Set. 6 volume set, including the Tabernacle Shadows. Hard cover, enlarged text, 8 by 6 inch book size, sewn bindings with over 3300 pages of text.

  1. THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES  Gives an outline of the Divine Plan revealed in the Bible, relating to man’s redemption and restitution.
  2. THE TIME IS AT HAND  Deals with Bible chronology and time prophecies, identifies the Antichrist, and points out the time and manner of our Lord’s return.
  3. THY KINGDOM COME  Discusses time prophecies relating to the work of the church at this end of the age, the restoration of Israel, and the setting up of Christ’s kingdom. One chapter pertains to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
  4. THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON  Shows the dissolution of the present order. It discusses many prophecies relating to the end of the age, noting especially our Lord’s great prophecy of Matthew 24.
  5. THE ATONEMENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN  Devoted to the fact and philosophy of Christ’s atoning work; the nature of man, the divine punishment for sin, the truth about hell, and the operation of the Holy Spirit.
  6. THE NEW CREATION  The first chapter deals with the Genesis account of creation. The remainder of the book discusses the laws, duties, privileges, and hopes of the consecrated followers of Jesus.

STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES VOL 1  Soft cover ($2.00) Gives an outline of the Divine Plan revealed in the Bible, relating to man’s redemption and restitution.—356 pages

STUDY ON THE BOOK OF HEBREWS, A  ($3.00) Paul gives insight into the “hidden things” and “better things” of the plans and purposes of God.—150 pages

TABERNACLE SHADOWS OF THE BETTER SACRIFICES  ($3.00) Presents the significance of the sacrificial services of the Tabernacle erected by Moses.—164 pages


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