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MPEG  REAL A City Comes Down From Heaven
The program discusses the part that Jerusalem played in the affairs of ancient Israel and the Bible’s use of this sacred city as a picture of the Kingdom of Christ.  Teddy Kollek, former Mayor of Jerusalem, answers interesting questions.  (Length 29:08)
MPEG  REAL Archeology Proves the Bible
In this presentation Professor Yigael Yadin, Dean of Archeology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is interviewed concerning the manner in which the findings of the archeologists in the Holy Land prove the authenticity of the Bible.  (Length 28:48)
MPEG  REAL Armageddon Then World Peace
The Apostles Peter and Paul talk over the prophecies of Jesus pertinent to the time of his return. These prophecies describe much that is taking place in the world today.  (Length 28:29)
MPEG  REAL Can These Bones Live?
Many centuries ago the prophet Ezekiel was given a vision of Israel’s lost hope portrayed as a ‘valley of dry bones.’  Israel has returned to her homeland, but what is yet to come?  Discover the glorious outcome for Israel and all mankind!  (Length 27:31)
MPEG  REAL Church of the Living God
An answer to the question, “How do you know which is the true church,” is sought by a sincere church-goer and his wife.  (Length 28:32)
MOV  MPEG  REAL Coming Back From Hell Soon
Assistance to a young man attempting to cope with remorse over his involvement in a hit-and-run accident is the subject of this program.  (Length 28:46)
MOV  MPEG  REAL Creation vs Evolution
A college student endeavors to shake the faith of his father in the Bible’s account of creation, but fails, discovering that what he thought was legend is truly scientific.  (Length 28:47)
MOV  MPEG  REAL Current Prophecies Fulfilled
The Bible is steeped in prophecies indicating the end of an age; but these prophecies also indicate that a new age is coming, and that we are on the threshold of God’s Kingdom.  See these prophecies deciphered by Bible scholars in this classic program from the series, ‘The Bible Answers.’  (Length 29:23)
MPEG  REAL Death Itself Must Die
A young girl and her aunt, bereaved by the accidental death of the girl’s parents, find comfort in the assurance of a reunion in the resurrection and in the Bible’s teaching that death will eventually be destroyed.  (Length 28:32)
MPEG  REAL Divine Healing
Ezra, a young Hebrew, reports to Joseph of Arimathaea concerning Jesus’ miracles, and he finally claims that the Master has been raised from the dead.  (Length 29:28)
MPEG  REAL Everlasting Life Promised of God
A Christian woman and an unbelieving husband have a conflict of interests, especially at church-going time on Sundays.  When the husband dies, the woman is greatly concerned over her failure to convert him.  She finds consolation from the owner of a small diner to whom she applies for work.  (Length 28:30)
MPEG  REAL Experiences From Greece
Some history of Greece in Biblical times is discussed when a young boy gets a pen-pal letter from a new friend in Greece.  (Length 26:40)
MOV  MPEG  REAL God and Creation
A college student is surprised to learn that many scientists believe in the existence of a supreme being and in the Bible as a revelation of his purposes toward man.  (Length 28:51)
MOV  MPEG  REAL God Has a Plan
A modern version of the Bible’s Cain and Abel story is followed by a panel discussion on God’s plan for the redemption and recovery of mankind from death.  (Length 29:20)
MPEG  REAL God is Love
A woman who has suffered much and faces death as an unbeliever is comforted by the Bible’s testimony that blessings are in store for her beyond the grave; not further suffering.  (Length 29:25)
MPEG  REAL God So Loved
Nicodemus, who visited Jesus secretly, and Joseph of Aramathaea; who furnished a burial place for Jesus, compare the contact they each had with Jesus, revealing their great love for him.  (Length 28:54)
MPEG  REAL God’s All-Embracing Plan
The Apostle Peter and Cornelius discuss the experiences in which the Gospel was first preached to the Gentiles.  (Length 29:08)
MPEG  REAL God’s Judgment Day
A German war criminal is found in South America. What will his position be in the future life? Application is made to all who die in unbelief. The Bible answers!  (Length 29:24)
MPEG  REAL God’s Kingdom
“They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks.  Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” Isaiah 2:4   See the signs that it will soon be here!  (Length 28:32)
MOV  MPEG  REAL God’s Millennium
With the turn of another century into another millennium, this program is a timely presentation of the things that will yet come upon the earth with the dawn of God’s Millennium. It will inspire your faith and give zeal to your hopes for all mankind!  (Length 28:17)
MPEG  REAL God’s Promises
Too Good Not To Be True - While touring the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, two persons contemplate the hopeless outcome for earth’s affairs; but they find hope and answers regarding the welfare of mankind at one of the exhibits. The Bible answers again.  (Length 28:37)
MPEG  REAL Hope for a Fear-Filled World
A girl at the United Nations, who has traveled around the world, reports the hardships of the people in the underdeveloped countries. She wonders if there is hope for them after death. Her questions are answered.  (Length 29:15)
MPEG  REAL How God Answers Prayer
An American soldier, a German soldier, and a German farm woman discuss the merit of prayer in times of war. This leads to a general discussion concerning prayer.  (Length 29:10)
MPEG  REAL Israel in History and Prophecy
This program is a well-documented narration of important developments related to the establishment of the modern state of Israel and the manner in which these events fulfill pertinent prophecies of the Bible.  (Length 29:11)
MPEG  REAL Jesus Comes Again
The Apostles Peter and Paul discuss the prophecies of Jesus pertaining to his Second Advent and arrive at some reassuring conclusions.  (Length 28:42)
MPEG  REAL Life Beyond the Grave
A convincing discussion between Peter and John of the comforting truth that death is not the end of human experience, and that we shall see and know our loved ones beyond the grave.  (Length 28:52)
MPEG  REAL Life Everlasting
A Church social worker has only empty words of comfort for a woman who lost her family, until he has an in-depth Bible study with a friend.  (Length 27:17)
MPEG  REAL Life Restored and Death Destroyed
The Apostle Paul is interviewed by the historian Luke regarding his arrest in Jerusalem and his appearances before various kings. Paul’s strong conviction concerning the resurrection is revealed.  (Length 28:17)
MPEG  REAL Mary and John Reminisce
The scene is set years after the crucifixion, and Mary and John discuss the experiences with Jesus and their significance in connection with the outworking of God’s divine plan.  (Length 28:52)
MPEG  REAL Our Day in Prophecy
This presentation brings to light many truths concerning the prophecy in Daniel 12:4, particularly with regard to the increase of knowledge, rapid travel, and their significance to current and future events.  (Length 29:10)
MPEG  REAL Prophecies Fulfilled
The prophets Daniel and Ezekiel, while captives in Babylon, discuss the outlook of their people while noting the prophecies concerning their ultimate restoration to the Land of Promise and their release from death.  (Length 29:23)
MPEG  REAL The Blessings of Christ’s Kingdom
A grandfather who believes in the promises of the Bible explains to his grandson what the establishment of Christ’s kingdom will mean for the human race. A panel discusses further details.  (Length 29:34)
MOV  MPEG  REAL The Crucified and Risen Christ
The Scribes and Pharisees plot Jesus’ death.  He is arrested and crucified, his body laid in a tomb.  On the third day the angel rolls back the stone and tells the women Jesus is risen.  The story relates Jesus’ appearance to his disciples after his resurrection, and finally his ascension.  (Length 28:33)
MOV  MPEG  REAL The Dream is Certain
Centuries ago the prophet Daniel received a vision of the end times, but when is that time and what is yet to come?  Discover the glorious outcome for all mankind!  (Length 28:29)
MPEG  REAL The Great Pyramid
An ancient wonder and a modern mystery, the Great Pyramid is called, “God’s witness in stone.” Why? What is the significance of its chambers?  (Length 28:32)
MOV  MPEG  REAL The Meaning and End of Suffering
The Bible’s explanation of why God permits so much human suffering and gives assurance that suffering and death will not continue forever.  (Length 28:31)
MPEG  REAL The Messiah of Israel
The Apostle Paul relates to a stranger who is eager to hear news from Israel of the extraordinary events associated with the birth, life, and death of Jesus.  It is the familiar story of Jesus described in a different fashion.  (Length 29:16)
MPEG  REAL The Messianic Kingdom
The Apostles James and John recall the time when they requested Jesus to let them sit, one on his right hand and the other on his left, in the Kingdom.  Jesus’ reply is revealing.  (Length 28:12)
MPEG  REAL The Old Made Young
Two elderly men and their young doctor discuss God’s provision for health and life.  (Length 29:25)
MPEG  REAL The Sermon on the Mount
Matthew and Thomas call to mind many of the truths Jesus presented in his Sermon on the Mount, and they determine to be worthy of a position with Jesus in his Kingdom.  (Length 29:27)
MOV  MPEG  REAL The Truth About Hell
An informative and well-presented explanation of the scriptures that discuss Sheol, Hades, hell, and the grave.  (Length 28:30)
MPEG  REAL The World’s Only Hope
A young man of Israel in our Lord’s day investigates Jesus and his disciples and reports to his mother. He is greatly impressed with what he learns.  (Length 29:25)
MOV  MPEG  REAL Unto Us a Child is Born
The dramatic story of the birth of Jesus has special appeal. But often the Biblical background of this story has been neglected. This eloquent dramatization traces the promises of Jesus’ birth throughout the Old Testament. It is well-documented with fascinating scenes from the Holy Land. Because of the wealth of historical material, this presentation should prove popular all year long as well as the Christmas season.  (Length 28:11)
MPEG  REAL When the Dead Live Again
A member of a family is taken away in death and the age-old question arises, “Why must the good suffer and die?” Again, the Bible reveals the answers.  (Length 29:26)
MPEG  REAL Why God Permits Evil
If there is a God, is there a reason the earth is filled with evil?  And what does the Bible say to answer this age-old question?  Watch this program from the classic collection of the series, ‘The Bible Answers,’ and have your hope renewed and your questions answered.  (Length 28:22)
MPEG  REAL World Without Death
A church social worker tries to find helpful answers as to the cause of suffering and dying in the world in this program from the classic collection of the series, ‘The Bible Answers.’  What he learns will fill you with hope for the future.  (Length 29:18)

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