The Creator Series—Lesson IV

The Creator’s Wisdom

IN MYRIAD ways God’s wisdom is displayed in his creative works. One of these is the occasional exception to the laws by which all inanimate things of creation are governed. For example, the general law is that substances expand with heat and contract with cold. An exception to this is in the freezing of water. If water contracted as it froze, ice would then be heavier than water, and the end of winter throughout half of the earth would find the rivers and lakes solid cakes of ice. But God’s exception to this law of nature averts such a catastrophe.

Wisdom beyond our comprehension is displayed in all created things. We are particularly interested in divine wisdom as we see it in operation in connection with his provisions for man, whom he created in his image, and to be king of earth.* One evidence of this is in the relationship of parents to children. God endowed the lower animals with certain instincts which cause them to make essential preparation for their young, and to care for them for a short time after they are born, but this instinct is devoid of lasting interest in, and love for, the offspring.

* “The New Creation,” page 39.

How different in the case of humans! A human child is helpless when it is born. It needs the loving and tender care of its mother, and generally gets it. The love of both parents for their child generally increases, and the child learns to appreciate and love its parents. God’s wisdom designed it so, and it is related to the fact that we are created in the image of God. The Creator loves his children, and is pleased when they realize their dependence on him, and out of this there grows love and loyalty.—Isa. 49:15; Ps. 103:13

God’s wisdom is displayed by permitting man to be subjected to temptation, as he was in the Garden of Eden. The universe is filled by created things compelled to obey the Creator’s law. The stars are given no choice as to the orbit in which they will travel, or how fast they will revolve in that orbit. But the Creator was not limited to exacting this sort of obedience. He created man in his own image and gave him a choice between obedience and disobedience.—Gen. 2:16,17; Joshua 24:15

God’s wisdom enabled him to know in advance that, through lack of experience, man would choose the course of disobedience and thus incur the penalty of death, as had been stipulated. God’s wisdom decreed that all of Adam’s children would share in this death condemnation. By this wise arrangement, it was possible for one man—even Jesus Christ, who was made flesh for this purpose—to redeem Adam from death, and his entire progeny who lost life through and in him.—Acts 15:18; Rom. 5:12; I Cor. 15:21,22

By this wise arrangement, each generation of Adam’s children has had an opportunity to experience the disastrous results of disobedience to divine law. Thus far few have known the true significance of their plight, but the Creator’s wisdom has arranged their awakening from the sleep of death at a time when the educational program of Christ’s kingdom will be in operation, and then they will learn. Thus they will, by experience, have learned both good and evil, and will be in a position to make an intelligent choice between the two.*—Isa. 26:9; 29:24

* “The Divine Plan of the Ages,” chapter 7.


Here are a few questions based on the preceding short article pertaining to divine wisdom. How many of them can you answer?

What is one of the exceptions to the laws of nature which reveals the wisdom of the Creator?

How is the wisdom of God displayed in the parental relationship of humans to their children?

Was it wise for God to permit our first parents to be tempted? If so, can you explain why?

When will the human race as a whole have an opportunity to benefit from the Creator’s wise permission of evil?


The occasional exception to be noted in nature’s laws is one of the proofs that these laws were framed by a supreme Lawgiver.

Parental love for children demonstrates that man was created in the image of God.

God’s wisdom is displayed in permitting man to choose obedience or disobedience, for it is through the permission of evil that true, free-will obedience to the Creator is demonstrated and attained.

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