The Creator Series—Lesson III

God Revealed in Man

ALL animate and inanimate things of which man has knowledge proclaim to reason that there is a God. The intricacies of the life principle are quite beyond the ability of the human mind fully to understand. This is true in the earthly realm from the lowest form of shell fish right on up to man, the highest order of animate life. This is particularly true of man, whose body, animated by the breath of life, is one of the marvels of the universe.—Ps. 139:14,15

And one of the amazing things about humans is their ability to reason upon available facts and to reach logical conclusions. We are living in the day of electronic computers. Data is fed into these computers for the purpose of obtaining certain information, and in a relatively short space of time they produce the answers sought. It is claimed by authorities that an electronic computer capable of reaching all the conclusions potentially possible to the human brain, would need to be as large as the Empire State building in New York City. And this electronic marvel can process data only in response to facts fed into it by an intelligent human being.

And yet, how small is the human brain! Besides, even though a computer can be constructed by human wisdom to do the mechanical reckoning heretofore done by the brain, lacks felling of any kind. If a computer informs its owner that he has prospered in business, it registers no joy; if he is bankrupt, it displays no sorrow.

But in man’s little brain there is the potential mathematical ability of the most complicated electronic computer ever built, and a thousand times over; plus a sympathetic understanding of the implications in the conclusions at which it is capable of arriving. Could such a capability just happen to function? (Job 38:36) The obvious answer is no; that here is irrefutable proof of the existence of a Supreme, Intelligent Creator.

Besides, by noting the reasoning characteristics of man, as translated into human behavior, we learn something about the Creator, for the Bible tells us that man was created in the image of God.* (Gen. 1:27,28) All creation reveals the intelligence of the Creator, and his ability to reason. (Isa. 1:18) Man’s puny mind, while not able to understand a great deal about God’s creation is, nevertheless, able to reason upon the basis of his limited knowledge, and to reach the conclusion that there is a God.

* “The New Creation,” page 39.

Man today is fallen and imperfect. (Ps. 51:5) Many humans are even degraded and debauched. However, there are many noble specimens of humanity all around us, and in these we see the qualities of sympathy, justice, and love. Since man was created in the image of God, we therefore conclude that the Creator is sympathetic, just, and loving.

Man has also been endowed with the ability to conceive the idea of a great God and Creator over all. This not only sets man apart from all the lower forms of animal life, but is an additional proof that he is a created being, and not an accident of an unguided evolutionary process. From the dawn of biblical history man has been a worshiping creature; (Gen. 4:3-5) and, among the truly wise of the human race, is no less so today. Prof. Pasteur, the noted bacteriologist, testified that he prayed while he worked.*

* “The New Creation,” page 44, paragraphs 1 and 2.


THESE questions are based on the foregoing brief discussion of the manner in which man, as a created being, is himself one of the proofs of the existence of the Creator. Can you answer them?

What is implied by the fact that the intricacies of life are quite beyond the ability of human wisdom to understand?

How does the human brain com pare in ability with modern electronic computers? Give an example

What characteristic of the human brain is totally absent in the mechanism of an electronic computer?

What can we learn about God by noting the reasoning and behavior of the noble-minded among the human race?

What is indicated by man’s inherent desire to worship a higher power than himself?


While man’s ability to reason and make decisions is in itself an evidence that he is the handiwork of a divine Creator, even more so is his ability to react emotionally to his reasoning and to the circumstances with which he is surrounded.

Since, as the Bible declares, man was created in the image of God, all the kindly qualities of the noble-minded reflect, in more or less degree, the goodness and love of our Creator.

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