The Creator Series—Lesson I

There IS a God!

MANY great scientists of modern times have openly stated their belief in the existence of a supreme, intelligent Creator, among them Dr. Albert Einstein. A. Cressy Morrison, former President of the New York Academy of Sciences, said, “By unwavering mathematical law we can prove that our universe was designed and executed by a great engineering Intelligence”*

* From the book, “Man Does not Stand Alone.”

We cannot establish the existence of God through the medium of our five senses. We can neither see, feel, smell, taste, nor touch him. While God is invisible to our natural eyes, we can, nevertheless, discern him in the visible things he has created. (Rom. 1:20) This is accomplished by means of our reasoning faculties. The more we ponder over the significance of the marvelous things of the material world with which we are surrounded, the more unwise it seems to deny the existence of a supreme, intelligent Creator.—Ps. 53:1

We sometimes speak of what a person has made as being a “creation.” Actually, however, man’s ability to “create” is limited to the use of materials already in existence. Strictly speaking, man does not create a house; rather, he builds a house, using materials which have already been created.

But even the building of a house calls for plans, specifications, measurements, and the use of proper materials. A foundation has to be laid, and firmly secured. The super-structure must be properly built upon the foundation. The house need a roof, and the various rooms must be built according to a plan and specifications. A house does not just happen to come into existence. Every house, or any other building, evidences the work of an intelligent designer and builder. So the earth itself, the home, or “house” provided for man, also reveals the existence of a Designer and Builder.—Job 38:4-8

And what great wisdom is displayed in the creation of the earth! Thinly of the ingenious circulatory system by which the land surfaces of the earth are watered to make possible the growth of vegetation and food! (Job 38:25-28) What an endless variety there is of trees, of fruit, of flowers, and all so intricately designed and exquisitely beautiful!

Man can make an artificial flower, but he cannot give it life. We can admire the blade of grass and the mighty trees of the forest, but we cannot create them, nor do we understand what makes them live. We may plant an acorn in the ground, and discern that later it has grown into a sturdy oak. We can marvel about this, but cannot explain how it happened. Some may say it is simply nature, but the wise will say it is an evidence of the existence of nature’s God.—Ps. 107:43

The human mind seems still more hopelessly inadequate when it peers into the heavens and there, too, sees displayed the mighty works of an Intelligent Creator. (Ps. 19:1,2) The astronomer’s telescope reveals the tremendous reaches of the universe, and its countless millions of stars and planets. We know that all these are governed by fixed laws, and reason tells us that these laws could only have been established by divine intelligence. If our reason leads us to such a conclusion, then we will reverence our great Creator, and will want to learn all we can about him, so that we can know him intimately, do his bidding and copy his ways.—Prov. 1:7; John 17:3


THE following questions are answered in the preceding short article. Can you answer them?

What is the thinking of many of our modern scientists concerning the existence of a supreme, intelligent Creator?

Can we establish the existence of God by means of any of our five senses? What does the Bible say?

Do humans have the ability to create?

How does the need for planning in the building of a house prove the existence of the Creator?

Do any of us know the secret of life?

What does reason tell us concerning the laws which govern the universe?


“The Divine Plan of the Ages,” chapter 2.

“The New Creation,” pages 20-22.


We perceive God through the visible things of his creation.

Man can build, but he cannot create the material he uses.

The earth, man’s “house,” or home, was designed by God, the Creator.

All the inflexible laws which govern the universe reveal the existence of a Lawgiver.

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